Markets and Applications

Perforated and Expanded Metal In Use

There is a vast range of markets and product applications for perforated materials and tube.

These are just some of those that we have been involved with:

  • Acoustic – sound deadening panels, HVAC baffles in ducting
  • Aerospace – filters, screening, ventilation
  • Agriculture – animal feed screening and crushing
  • Architectural – special features, decorative finishes, ventilation, light diffusion
  • Automotive – filters, exhausts, grilles, vents
  • Construction – ceiling panels, walling, security screens/roller shutters, flooring, stairs, folded, pipe guards, radiator covers, sign-boards, ventilation grilles
  • Domestic Goods – waste paper bins, lighting, desk top tidies
  • Filtration - filter cores and filter tubes for pharmaceutical filters, petrochemical filters, medical filters, automotive filters, water filters,
  • Food & Dairy Processing Industry - filters, screens, baking trays, perforated steel belts/conveyors, moulds, crushing machines, coffee screens and pulpers, tea sifters, trays and presses for vegetable and fruit, baking trays, cookers, boilers, frying ranges, fruit & vegetable separators
  • Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) - ductwork silencing, heat dissipation, heat exchangers
  • Marine – exhausts, filters, vents
  • Motorcycle – filters, exhausts, radiator grilles
  • Other Manufacturing – screening / sorting, radiation containment
  • Paper & Pulp – screens, filters
  • Steel Stockholders / Stockists – all applications
  • Street Furniture – seats, bins, shelters, screens
  • White Goods –washing machine strainers, dishwasher sieves, filters
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