Sub Assemblies and Secondary Operations

Pre-Perforation and Secondary Manufacturing Operations

At Pickering Perforated Products we are able to provide a range of secondary manufacturing operations to progress or convert perforated material into more developed components, sub- assemblies or even complete products. Examples include filter cores, tubes and strainer assemblies.

These include:

  • Tube Enhancements – swaging, flaring, grooving, corrugating
  • Rolling and Forming – rolling, bending
  • Cutting - laser, shearing, water-jet
  • Punching – punching, embossing
  • Levelling – flat rolling
  • Welding – MIG, TIG
  • Finishing - Galvanising, plating, painting, anodising, powder coating
  • De-Burring – removal of rough edges
  • Cleaning – chemical or detergent cleaning
  • Assembly – simple or complex assembly including introduction of non-perforated materials and components e.g.: End caps, Support rings, Pressings, Internal/External attachments, Flanges, Rings, Tube, Handles, Carriers, Insertions, Wadding, Foam etc.
Tube Sub AssembliesExpanded Metal Filter Sub AssemblyPerforated Tube with Strengthening Inserts