Tube Manufacture

Perforated & Expanded Metal Tube Production

Pickering Perforated Products (PPP) has established its reputation on its excellence and expertise in tube manufacturing and tube sub assemblies. The addition of expanded metal into our range has increased to variety of solutions and price options.

Tubes can be formed in variety of ways to meet the needs of different applications. We can cut/roll/join, or roll/join/cut dependent on specification. PPP offers both automated and manual tube forming dependent on volumes and specification.

PPP is one of europe's leading manufacturer of filter cores, filter tubes, filter cartridge cores and strainers.

Tubes can be jointed using the following methods:

  • Overlapping & Spot Welding
  • Butt Joints
  • Lock Seam Joints
  • Spiral Lock Seaming
  • Roll Form Lock Seam (cartridge cores)

Tube Length: tubes up to 2m are routinely manufactured (subject to material & joint specification)

Tube Diameter: tubes diameter is almost limitless (subject to material & joint specification)

See also Sub Assemblies & Secondary Operations

Examples of Tubes

Examples of tubes

Spiral Wound Tube Manufacturing Machine Continuous Tube Manufacturing Machine Hand Welding of Specialist Tubes Selection of Perforated & Expanded metal Tubes Selection of Butt Welded & Spiral Wound Perforated Tubes Examples of Small Tubes