Product Development

Innovation in Perforation & Expanded Metal

Pickering Perforated Products (PPP), prides itself on its technical knowledge and capabilities in perforating a wide range of materials to create a huge variety of products. We work with existing and new customers on product development issues.

Development of Existing Applications:

  • Cost down initiatives
  • Re-engineering
  • Production readiness
  • Certification, Accreditation & Traceability

Development of New Applications:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Material selection and proving
  • Perforating patterns
  • Prototype and production tooling
  • Prototyping & Pre-production

Recent Examples:

  • HVAC Duct Silencing
  • Fuel Water Separator
  • Office Lighting
Pickering Perforated Products Computer Aided Design (CAD)Crimped End Perforated Tube